Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Jay: "Man! I can't BELIEVE we showed up for church on the WRONG DAY."
Emilio: "It's funny when you think about it." 
With not even a choir to preach to, the two pastors of Sovereign Joy Community Church in Keller Texas, sit in an empty church on Monday morning and try to figure out how both of their calendars got so mixed up. It is not known whether this incident is related to a previous story where an entire congregation showed up for church and no pastors were there.
The Olive Press - humor


Michael Wright said...

Haha!That's pretty good, thanks for sharing.

Fish with Trish said...

Lol!!! Very cleaver. I've thought similar things when I've looked at that pic. said...

At first, I had Jay saying, "Dude..." but no. Todd Friel owns the word, "Dude."

Joel the Immerser said...