Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Alternative to Personal Evangelism

The cartoon is by Richard Gunther, and posted here with his permission (and an "OK" by Ray Comfort). See more neat things from Richard on his online magazine: Mighty Mag.


Committed Christian said...

That says it all! Sometimes we Christians have our focus on all the wrong things and forgot that the Church is supposed to be actively proclaiming the gospel Reminded me of someone I met in church who said that his main goal in life was make enough money to have stainless steel appliances, and I'm not kidding. said...

Well, I've read several of your blog posts, all of the ones archived under the "bombshells" label. I see that the desire of your heart is to bring Christ and the Gospel to as many people as you can who have not yet heard that Good News. That is priceless.