Saturday, June 5, 2010

A LAUGH FROM THE PAST from Calvinistic Cartoons

Last year, checking out a link from Pyromaniacs' blog roll, I discovered Calvinistic Cartoons. It instantly became, and remains, one of my favorite blogs. I enjoy the "Just for Laughs" features where blogger Eddie Eddings posts a picture and invites readers to provide a religion-related humorous caption.

Here is a Calvinistic Cartoons Just for Laughs from July 1, 2009. I have selected out the caption submitted by Pilgrim Mommy followed by comments between herself and Eddie. This had me laughing out loud. (It still does.) By the way, Pilgrim Mommy is celebrating the 500th posting on her own blog, Tried With Fire, which I also recommend.

The Bible Algebra Man

The lesser known "Bible Algebra Man" struggles to answer the age old question:

The Israelites' average walking speed was 2.87 mph and the Egyptians' average horse and chariot speed was 14.7 mph. The Israelites fled Egypt at 2:36 AM and had an 5.37 hour head start on the Egyptians. What time would the Egyptians have caught up with the Israelites if they had not been wiped out in the Red Sea and not lost 1.64 hours on the trip due to the encounter with the large nest of vipers and the bum wheel on Pharaoh’s chariot?

Eddie Eddings said...
I wonder if the Bible Algebra Man could tell me what the speed of laughter is?

Pilgrim mommy said...
According to the Bible Algebra Man,
speed of laughter = 3.35hc - (Vtf/87.93) - (0.2ad)

hc = humor coefficient of joke
V = volume of liquid in mouth if one is drinking a beverage while laughing
t = temperature of beverage in degrees Celsius
f = viscosity of beverage
a = angle of trajectory if beverage spews from mouth
d = distance of spew

Eddie Eddings said...
That's what I thought

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