Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Theologian

Calvin brought to the study of theology a passion for biblical truth and a coherent understanding of the Word of God

In contrast to modern day Fundamentalism, John Calvin insisted that the Bible's teachings can not be properly understood unless seen within the framework of Scripture's overarching themes. Interpretation of individual doctrines and passages of scripture must not be taught in isolation from the coherent substance of the whole Bible. Calvin did not invent a system of theology to which he forced the scriptures to conform, as his detractors suggest, but attempted to recognize the paradigm provided by the Bible, itself.

Continuing in our celebration of Calvin's 500th birthday, here is an article by R.C. Sproul from this month's Tabletalk magazine, titled, "The Theologian."

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Anette Acker said...

Hi Craig,

I was looking for what you said about Adam and Eve and I came across this. I really like this quote about Calvin. How very true! I think there are many things in the OT we misunderstand because we insist on an overly literal translation. And it's a tremendous stumbling block for atheists, who often think through all of this very carefully.

Also, thanks for drawing my attention to Luke 24:27. God has definitely been speaking to me through you today. Thanks! :)