Monday, October 1, 2012


Is there anyone who can help me get my blog's appearance back to the way it was? Same layout, same background, same features.

I did not want, or ask for, a new template or anything.

This is sad.


Persis said...

Maybe this might help:

Go to your blogger dashboard. Next to the button "view blog" there is a drop down list with different options. Pick "template". Once you are on the template page, scroll all the way down to "Revert to classic templates". Hope this helps.

Eddie Eddings said...

If that doesn't help...maybe you should spend a few hours and design a new one. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Adam Bennett said...

There are also a plethora of free custom templates out there. said...

Thank you Persis. I remember seeing the "revert to classic template" this morning, but it is not there, now. Maybe I accidently eleminated it while trying to get the blog settings back to normal?