Friday, October 5, 2012

Familiar Surroundings

I don't know if it is because of the email that I sent to Blogger, the feedback window where I clicked "extremely dissatisfied" on all buttons, or what, but the "return to classic template" option has reappeared, and I wasted no time choosing it. Maybe Blogger had only intended to temporarily remove it anyway, and my pathetic whining expression of concern was all unnecessary. I am told that some of the new blogger features will not work with the old style template. That's okay. I am planning to create one or two more blogs soon anyway, where the wonderful "new features" will be a welcome innovation.

Not for Stranger in a Strange Land, though. When I first developed this blog, I wanted it to have an atmosphere of tradition and familiarity in it's appearance, as well as the content of the subjects presented in the posts. That includes my choice of the parchment style background, the quotes I have selected, and the simplicity of the layout. "Stranger" in the title is how I often see myself in this "Strange Land" of dizzying changes and instability, where things are constantly not only "new," but "ALL NEW!!!" No; I am not an obscurantist. I am not opposed to innovation and improvement, or progress in general. I like new and improved stuff. But I also believe it is important for there to be some things, as far as is possible, to remain stable, dependable and familiar.

In the areas of politics, culture,  traditions, and religion, I am conservative. I believe it is good that some things in life that are permanent and stable, fixed points in a turning world, (to borrow a phrase). I am the same way in relatively "little" things, as well. A couple of weeks ago, I turned on the car radio and heard Vin Scully announcing the Dodgers game, the voice that has been so familiar to me since my youth. I like the fact they still have "Thrifty" drug store brand ice cream cones (in Rite-Aid) even though they are no longer 5 cents for a single scoop and 10 cents for a double.

So, here I am, back in familiar surroundings and looking forward to getting this blog to start producing posts again. It has been lying fallow for far too long. Maybe having it disappear for a few days was what I needed to get my mind, fingers and keyboard in gear once more.
UPDATE _ Here is a comment from another blogger who had a similar problem:

   I have the same problem. I was tempted by all the "new" stuff to make a
few changes and it seemed like total control was mine since I could see the
changes as I made them and there was some reassuring statement on
the control panel about always being able to go back. But I hate what
happened and want it back to the way it was. Colors shifted, words are
no longer aligned with photos, and my statement about creative commons
is totally gone. Please help, Google Blogger Folks!

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Persis said...

I'm glad you got your template back.