Wednesday, June 8, 2011



We started in 2000 as a home bible study in Oak Hills . Pastor Adam Kaloostian, from the Ontario (CA) URC, taught from the book of Hebrews, then through the Gospel of John on Tuesday nights. In 2002 we started meeting on Sunday evenings at the Korean Presbyterian Church in Victorville. We had guest preachers from URC churches in Southern Calif. as well as faculty and student/alumni from Westminster Seminary, CA. Later that year, Rev. Tom Morrison was called to assume minsterial duties.

On October 12, 2002, Rev. Morrison was oficially installed as pastor of the congregation, which was still a "church plant" under the auspices of the Ontario URC. By then we were meeting in the auditorium of the Lewis Center for Educational Research in Apple Valley. On a snowy November evening in 2004, we were officially established as a "particular" church in the federation of United Reformed Churches in North America.


Patience said...

What a lovely looking congregation. Looks like a nice size too.
It's so encouraging to hear of growth and blessings from brothers and sisters so far away! said...

Hello Patience. Hope you can visit some time. Once in a while, someone on holiday from "Down Under" comes through our doors.

? "Down Under" contra "Up Over" ?