Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prayers Answered

Last week, I posted a prayer request for Joseph, who had just been informed by his academic advisor that funding had stopped for the program in which he was working. This would have meant, 1.  finding a new job immediately, and, 2. completing what he had been working on within one week.

Joseph found out yesterday that there is now funding that will allow him to work in the lab through the summer, while he is searching for employment in the biochemistry field. There is still a crucial time constraint for completing the paper he is writing, but he at least has some breathing room.

Thanks to Joel, Eddie, Persis, JT and all the others (God knows who you are) for praying for our son.



Persis said...

Praise God and continuing to pray.

Gregg said...

Yes Praise the Lord, and will continue to pray.