Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Great Weekend in Tucson

Joseph Boyd, Ph.D.
 It has been a great weekend for our family. It will be five years ago this coming August since I drove Joseph to Tucson to check in at the University of Arizona, where he began working on his doctorate in bio-chemistry and molecular biophysics, (as the department was then called). A month ago, Joseph passed the oral final examination for his doctorate. After 4.7 years of hard work and study, a lot frustration followed by success, he graduated this past Friday. Sheila and I arrived on Thursday afternoon, while our daughter, Becky, flew in from Pennsylvania later that night. We were treated to a celebration brunch on Friday morning, followed by the commencement celebration that began at noon. For the rest of the weekend we enjoyed visiting with Joseph and a few of his friends.

Drawn by Rebekah Fusina
Becky, Sheila, Joseph and me
at the brunch celebration extravaganza.

What would a visit to Tucson be without a Saturday morning breakfast at Waffle House?

Me, Joseph, Sheila and Rebekah


Gregg said...

Congrats dude! You must be proud!

Joseph said...

Just a minor correction: the dept. used to be called biochemistry and molecular biophysics.

stranger.strange.land said...

Fixed. : )
Thanks, Doctor Joseph.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and what an awesome degree too!

Persis said...

Glad you had a great time celebrating your son's graduation. Great picture of your family. Now I can place a face with a name, too. :-)