Saturday, April 9, 2011



Yesterday, I submitted a comment on Ray Comfort's blog in which I noted that some atheists deny the existence of God, yet apparently acknowledge God's existence for the purpose of taking him to task for things like allowing genocide, slavery, rape and other immoral acts.

I received this reply from someone who calls himself (or herself) Godless Panther:

I am not leveling charges against [God]. I am leveling charges against you for doing immoral things. Like trying to destroy science and sex education, encouraging violence against gay people and doctors, encouraging hatred and bigotry.

Now I do sometimes forget where I left my keys, or my notebook. But it sure seems to me that I would have some recollection of doing all those important things. I must be getting old.


JT said...

I am old and I forget things. God does not forget. He will bless you for standing for Him. Praise His name and God Bless You.

ConstitutionGirl said...

Godless Panther seems to frequent the Athiest Central. Good for them! I love to see all those athiests there, getting good theology, and keep coming back for more, when they say it's all baloney. Ironic, isn't it?
Now to go see that post for myself....