Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to encode a URL

Here is the html tag:

<a href="www.example url.com">the text in your message</a>

Here is a sample:

My favorite blog is <a href="www.calvinisticcartoons.blogspot.com">Calvinistic Cartoons</a>.

Here is how it will look:

My favorite blog is Calvinistic Cartoons.


ConstitutionGirl said...

Thank you, Mr.Boyd!.
Hope I got that right!
Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I had to explain that in a letter recently. Some of us have familiarity with HTML coding, so we can put links, italics,, bold and links in our comments as well as our pages. And people like me forget that not everyone knows how to do it. Thanks for posting, I'll send people to you when they ask, "How do you do that?"

stranger.strange.land said...

Thanks, asoldierforjesus, but don't expect a whole lot from me. Italics, bold emphasis, and hyperlinks make up the extent of my html knowledge. I tried to experiment with colored lettering, but with no success.

Wayne Dawg said...

Thanks, I needed that too!

Anonymous said...

Nope, not asking a lot. You laid out the tricky stuff, with italics and bold being easily added on if someone asks me.

BTW, you do know that I separate this "Soldier" name and link from my other name, Stormbringer, yes?

stranger.strange.land said...

I probably did, but right now with this cough & fever, and anticipating having to go back to work in a couple of hours, I'm not sure what I know....if anything. : )


Mike Gage (AC) reminds me a little of myself about 10yrs ago (except that he is an atheist) when I took a logic class. I was seeing logical fallacies everywhere...and never hesitating to point them out to people.