Monday, September 13, 2010


Part 2 of James Montgomery Boice on Personal Evangelism

If we spend time with Jesus, then the other matters -- knowing we are not the light, pointing to the light, desiring men and women to believe -- these will come naturally. And we will find ourselves increasingly used of God as He sends revival to our land.

Andrew put himself second in order to bring others to Jesus. We do not know a great deal about Andrew. In the New Testament he is usually introduced as Simon Peter's brother. ... Yet, Andrew was constantly introducing others to Jesus. There are only three stories in the Gospels in which Andrew plays a significant role. There is the story recorded here [in John 1:40-42]. There was the time he brought Jesus the lad with five loaves of bread and two fish (John 6:8-9). There is the incident in which the Greeks were brought to Jesus (John 12:22). In each case Andrew put himself second in order to introduce others to the Savior.

How are we to become charged, as Andrew was? Andrew and the other disciples became witnesses after they had first spent time with Jesus. John tells us that the place where Jesus was staying at about the tenth hour - that is, about about four o'clock in the afternoon - and that they spent the night there. What do you suppose they talked about until nightfall? We are not told, but the story reminds us of the story in Luke in which Christ spoke to the Emmaus disciples, showing them from the Old Testament how it was necessary for Him "to suffer these things and then enter His glory," after which they confessed, "Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?" (Luke 24:26, 32). After such time spent with Jesus, when the heart burns, one is constrained to go out and find his brother.

Do you spend time with Jesus? Nothing can be a substitute for that. Only if you do that will you begin to show something of the character, particularly the love, of Him with whom you are spending time.

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Anette Acker said...

Very true, Craig. This is absolutely the most important part of witnessing because if God doesn't work through us, our effort is in vain.

Stormbringer said...

Where did you find this material? Hope he has audio podcasts available. said...


It is from the same source as the post below, a back issue of Reformation and Revival Journal

Google Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. They have audios from Boice and several other speakers. You can also find him at Sermon Audio Dot Com

Some Christian radio stations carry The Bible Study Hour program, sermons by Dr. Boice.