Friday, September 24, 2010

Praise God for His Heavenly Splendor and Glory

One of the daily devotionals that I use is Matthew Henry's "Method for Prayer." It is a method of praying that utilizes the language of the Bible, God's Word,  when we offer up to Him our ADORATION, CONFESSION, INTERCESSION, PETITION, AND THANKSGIVING. The program allows me to choose from a few different Bible translations and I can select whether I want to pray in "first person," as in private, or as speaking for a group. Here is today's prayer. For information on how to receive these devotionals by email, or how to obtain the book, click on the green Matthew Henry banner below the comment section. By the way, the scripture text here is from the New American Standard Bible.

I must give to God the praise of that splendor and glory wherein He is pleased to manifest Himself in the upper world.

You have established Your throne in the heavens, (Psalm 103:19) and it is a throne of glory, lofty and exalted; and before You the seraphim cover their faces. (Isaiah 6:1-2) And it is in compassion to Your people that You obscure the face of that throne and spread Your cloud over it. (Job 26:9)

You make Your angels spirits, and Your ministers flames of fire. ( Psalm 104:4) Thousands of thousands of them minister to You, and myriads of myriads stand before You, to do Your pleasure. (Revelation 5:11) They are mighty in strength, and obey the voice of Your word. (Psalm 103:20-21) And I have come by faith and hope and holy love into a spiritual communion with those myriads of angels and the spirits of the righteous made perfect, even to the general assembly and church of the firstborn, in the heavenly Jerusalem. (Hebrews 12:22-23)


JT said...

Thank You for giving me another way to Praise God. said...

Thank you, JT. In addition to the daily bible reading schedule (at the top of the left sidebar), and Spurgeon's Morning and Evening devotionals (which greet me on my desktop screen), Matthew Henry's guide in praying the Scriptures is a wonderful way to keep God's Word always in my thoughts, and, as you said, to praise Him.