Monday, August 23, 2010

Who are these people who have "Invaded" my blog? And what do they all have in common? (See the FUN clues below the pictures)

1. His malapropisms probably drove his English teachers into early retirement.
2. Remembered for his work for world peace, he also discovered that laughter can actually be an effective relief for chronic pain.
3. Do you know what "links" this man to the others on this page?
4. Once, during a televised interview, Dick Cavett asked him, "Perhaps you'd like two more chairs to contain your giant intellect?"
5. Sure, you can ask her for a date. But there is just one little prerequisite.
6. He made the most of a great source of power.
7. "Why, he wouldn't even harm a fly."
8. Get outa the way when he comes stormin' in.
9. If he had a blog, he would only post once a week.
10. Sorry. I just couldn't resist.

The Battle of Hastings: the decisive point in the Norman Invasion


Pilgrim Mommy said...

Any hints? said...

Well, the words under the banner at the bottom are a DEAD GIVEAWAY.

Once you determine what they have in common, the girl may still be a puzzlement to anyone who was not a rock & roll fan in the early '60s.

p.s. (Google and Wiki have been known to be able to make ANYONE a rock & roll fan of the early '60s.)

Pilgrim Mommy said...

4. Norman Mailer
7. Norman Bates
8. Norman Schwarzkopf
9 Norman Rockwell
10. Norman Tabernacle Choir (haha)

Norman? said...

You are right. I fudged a bit on clue # 7. The last line in Psycho was actually, "She wouldn't even harm a fly."