Monday, May 3, 2010

Take it for Granted?

Steve Sanchez posted this on his blog site, Stone The Preacher, last Friday. (Click on the link for more.) Thanks to my friend, Mark Morrison, for bringing it to my attention on Facebook.

"I recently received permission from a friend to post these two disturbing images. He said that they are now in the public domain via a recent YouTube video (about refugees). I debated with myself about displaying them here on this blog, but thought that timid Christians could reflect a little on the liberty we have in America, liberty denied our brothers and sisters who live in North Korea. These people do not have the opportunity to share their faith everyday.

A few friends of mine keep these photos in their bibles. They serve as reminders of the freedom we have in America to preach the Gospel. I, too, have taped them in my bible. I’m reminded that the time is short, so I’ll continue to share my faith everyday."
                                                            __Steve Sanchez


Ellery said...

Definitely Voice of the Martyrs stuff.


Anonymous said...

無一事而不學,無一時而不學,無一處而不學。 ..................................................