Thursday, July 2, 2009

The "Stranger" and the "Land"

Although Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land was, and is, my favorite science fiction classic, his novel itself had little to do with my selection of a blog name. Initially, it described how I perceived myself when I first ventured into the "blogdom." I had been receiving Ray Comfort's posts by email for several months, and wondered where all these "comments" were that Ray sometimes referred to. After I accidently found them, it took me a few more weeks to figure out how to get a comment published. When I clicked on "publish" and it didn't immediately take my comment, I thought it was because I was doing something wrong. I was definitely a stranger in what was to me a very strange land.

Thanks to my four "charter" followers for your patience, but especially to Ryk. He has been waiting for so long that I see he has become a skeleton. No cob-webs?

Please check out the "favorite web sites" that I have linked below, as they will give you some idea of my interests.


Ryk said...

I knew my patience would be rewarded. Hope to see more soon.

I enjoy Robert Heinlein as well and I also owe my introduction to blogland to Ray Comfort.

I had seen the banana video and was looking to see if the guy had done anything else funny and ridiculous(I found more than I could have imagined) so I typed in "Ray Comfort idiot" into google. I found a wealth of Atheist blog sites. Starting with the Atheist blogger and ending up at Pharyngula I learned that there were a lot of people out on Teh Interwebz that shared my views. I had always been an open outspoken atheist but hadn't really considered doing anything about it online. Anyway I finally ended up on Comforts blog learning the ins and outs of internet debate(which is nothing like actual debate) and finally started my own and have come to think of myself as quite the little atheist missionary. However I have always enjoyed reading the bible and other religious texts so I do get enjoyment from reading Christian bloggers as well, not just to debate or debunk them but sometimes just to hear what they have to say.

So good luck with your blog I hope it gives you the sort of enjoyment mine has given me. said...

Thanks, Ryk.

I knew that you were a patient man (or at least a tenacious one) after following your debate with scmike a few months ago.

I have some ideas for future posts, and am looking forward to reading some opposing viewpoints.

Craig B

Kerri Love said...

lol, ya he wasted away didn't he ;)

I actually started at Vera's blog. I found her while watching youtube video's of street preachers like Reuben Israel. That was enough to get me interested in religion again.

From Vera's blog I found SMRT and from there I found Ray's. He's a silly little man I have to say ;)

I find religion fascinating and I always enjoy a good discussion about it. I really enjoy getting right into it and seeing it from different points of view even when I don't agree :)